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With their backgrounds in both guiding and instructing Tim and Val are known for their ability to not only take you on an adventurous experience of a lifetime but also help you to reach your full potential on your board or skis.


After many years of guiding and instructing from the Alps up to the North of Norway, Tim and Val now want to take you to the most incredible places their new hometown Åre has to offer. Åre is not only the biggest Scandinavian ski resort, but is also located between some really good other mountain ranges. There is an unlimited amount of terrain to explore within and outside of the boundaries of the resort. Everything they do in life comes with a ‘nomads vibe’ which means it will always be slightly out of the box and an unforgettable experience that is more than just your normal guiding or lessons. For them it’s always about adding a touch of magic in one way or another. There is only one way to find out what that magic is and that is by experiencing it for yourself. 


our previous project

In 2016 Val and Tim started The Nomads Bus, an American school bus they had converted into a driving hostel on wheels to go on adventures with guests in search of the best snow. For many years this bus was their home and they took their hostel to the Austrian Alps, guiding their clients all over the Tirol area, then in 2018 they moved the project from Tirol to Tromsø in Northern Norway and spent two winters guiding on splitboard and tourskis all over the Lyngen Alps and its surrounding areas. They parked the bus at the bottom of the mountain, near the ocean and took their clients up to the most beautiful peaks. Each season they did more than 40.000 height meters of touring with Tim as the certified head guide leading the way and Val as the tail guide, motivating and supporting the clients from the back of the pack. 

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Limited Availability // 99 € Per Night for the complete house // 5 Beds // Early Bird Discount