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Tim Boffé

Instructing and Guiding since 2023

If you’re searching for a guide who’s practically a mountain goat, Tim is your guy this summer. Having lived through many seasons in the Alps, he’s spent countless days hiking and biking. With a University degree in sport science, Tim is not only a seasoned adventurer but also the ultimate teacher to analyze your movements and help you reach your goals—and then some. Over the past few years in Norway and Sweden, he’s fine-tuned his skills both on hikes and on his bike. Whether it’s a short hike, a multi-day trek, an enduro bike ride, or a full downhill biking experience, Tim has you covered.

Valerie Cook

Instructing and Tailguiding since 2023

This summer, Val is organizing multi-day hiking trips in the famous Jämtland Triangle, just a 40-minute drive from The Nomads House. You can join one of her planned hikes or request a custom trip tailored to your liking, whether you’re solo, with a partner, or with friends. Everyone is welcome. Val can’t wait to take you along her favorite mountain routes, with all the gear and food taken care of. Besides the multi-day trips, she’ll often assist Tim in his hiking or biking sessions. With years of experience hiking and biking in Canada, the Alps, Norway, and Sweden, Val is ready to make your adventure unforgettable.




Limited Availability // 99 € Per Night for the complete house // 5 Beds  


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